How hard is it to count out 51 Goldfish crackers?

Some days, depending on my hormone levels, a trip to the grocery store can send me into a rage. I really get myself all worked up about the sly things manufacturers do to charge more for less.

If the package says “100-Calorie Packs”, “To-Go”, “Ready”, or any other variation on pre-measured single-serving portions, you will be paying too much for it. Not to mention the excessive packaging to burden our landfills.

Today, I read about a study on this very topic. It seems the Center for Science in the Public Interest has determined that Cheese Nips are by far the worst offender– customers pay a 279% mark-up on the 100-calorie packs!

“Hundred-calorie packs are an ingenious way for companies to charge consumers more for less,” said CSPI Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson. “Manufacturers get the best of both worlds–they make more money, and they look like they’re helping people control their weight.”


It’s nice to feel vindicated, although I wonder how much of a grant this think tank received to state the obvious.


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