Living well is the best revenge.

I recently engaged in a little Photoshoppery and made a new page header to go with the new blog theme. That’s beautiful Lake Auburn, which is about a mile from my house. If you’re viewing this inside your RSS reader, you won’t be able to see it unless you actually click on the blog link.

“Living well is the best revenge” is the new tagline for this blog. It sounds pretty mercenary, and maybe it is. Yet I find it very empowering right now in my life.

Maybe some of you might relate to the following, and maybe you won’t. I grew up with a lot of conflicting messages that immobilized me in many ways:

You’ll be our little girl forever… Why don’t you grow up?!

We’ll fix it/rescue you/make it all better… You’re much too dependent on us!

Then the old “Give a compliment in one breath, and then take it away in the next”:

You’re smart… but you’re too lazy.

You’re pretty… but you’re too fat.

I had a choice of how to process those messages, and how to live my life accordingly. For most of my life I surrendered to them– “No matter what I do, it won’t be good enough anyway, so why bother?”– and drifted along with no goals, no motivation, no hope.

Years ago, someone told me, “Living well is the best revenge”. I didn’t get it then.

I get it now.


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