Choose wisely

Twenty-four hours from this very moment, I’ll be sitting in my Creative Writing class.


I’m happy and excited, but also a little anxious– I’m already afraid there will be too much on my plate this semester:

~ A full course load of 16 credits

~ Homework and study

~ My personal writing/blogging

~ A work-study job on campus

~ An off-campus job

~ Care-taking duties at home

I want to really focus on my studies. That’s the most important part. This is the first time I’ve been a full-time student since 1987, and I want to succeed this time.

Financial aid will keep me physically alive, but there won’t be much left over for fun and extras. I am capable of living on very little money, so I’m not very concerned here.

The work-study job will give me a little spending money. I expect it to offer  flexible hours that won’t interfere with classes.

The off-campus job pays pretty well and features a generous employee discount on excellent products. It’s a seasonal position, which means I can make a pretty good amount of money between September and Christmas.

Unfortunately, I’m worried this job may interfere with school too much. I worked there last year, and loved it! However, I wasn’t a full-time student then. I don’t know my schedule yet, but…

Can I work until 12:30 or 1:00am… and still make it to a 9:30am class?

In the last few weeks before Christmas, it’s crazy busy there, with all the available overtime you could possibly want… and that will probably coincide with final exams.

That questionable job starts during my third week of classes, so by then I should have a good idea of how much time and energy my school work will require.I know my limits– I’m not one of those super-achievers who can work 60 hours a week, go to school full-time, and make straight A’s.

Economics is all about the choices we make: when you choose one thing, you must let another thing go. You really can’t have everything. Pursuing everything at once is a great way to make yourself crazy, sick, or both.

I choose to put my education first.  If that means I’ll need to forgo the extra cash (and generous employee discount on my Christmas shopping) in order to succeed in school… then so be it.
Will that be necessary? We’ll find out soon enough!


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