The ink crisis!

Four days into the school year, and already I have piles of books to read and papers to write.

My printer has been bone dry for a while now, and I’ve been avoiding buying a new ink cartridge. The school library is closed today, so I can’t print my papers (for free) on their computers.

Oh, my dear co-eds. The insatiable college homework machine does not stop churning for empty inkwells!

Reluctantly, I ventured out into the rain towards Office Max, with a 10% coupon in hand.

Black inkjet cartridge for my Epson printer:

    Epson brand:            $24.99

    Office Max brand:  $21.99

Of course I chose the store brand cartridge.  Still criminally over-priced at $21.99, but better than $24.99. The coupon saved me another two dollars.

I’m sure I could have gotten it even cheaper, but poor planning will cost you big bucks every time. Shame on me.

Before heading home, I stopped for gas. The Shell station had regular unleaded for $2.74 a gallon. Still criminally over-priced, but much better than it’s been.

As I pumped liquid dollars into the tank, something horrifying occurred to me. As soon as I got home, I grabbed a calculator and did the math.

Assuming there are two fluid ounces of ink in the cartridge I’d just bought, then a gallon (128 ounces) of ink would cost $1407.36.

The ink for my printer costs 513 times the current price of gasoline.  

How is that even legal?


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