I’m economically stimulated now, thank you.

Well, I got my whopping $300 economic stimulus rebate check yesterday.

According to yesterday’s sale flyer, Wal-Mart will cash your stimulus check for free (they normally charge $3). And hey! Since you’re already in the store with a sweaty fist full of cash, why not check out some great deals on enormous plasma TVs!


I thought I might do something really crazy and unorthodox with my stimulus money.

I’m going to (gasp) save it.

Sure, it’s subversive and unamerican to not be a good little consumer-bot.

But the fact is, my little junker car will probably not make it through another winter. Since I refuse to take on a car payment, I’m saving my cash. I expect to buy something in the $3000-$4000 range before the snow starts flying in November/December.

I’m thinking of getting an older Subaru. I’m sort of in love with the older Impreza Outback Sport wagons. They’re cute and sporty and all-wheel drive is awesome in the snow (this is Maine, after all). They also have pretty good gas mileage and last forever.

So instead of leaping into instant gratification at Wal-Mart, my stimulus spending will be somewhat deferred. This is how people used to make major purchases in the olden days. Seems like a good idea to me.

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