Flip-flops: a guilty pleasure

The calendar still says “Spring”, but the thermometer ‘s telling me, “Mop your sweaty self up off the floor, ‘cuz it’s 90 degrees!”

For me, summer means living in flip-flops.

I happen to like Old Navy’s colorful flip-flops. They’re only $3.50 a pair ($2.50 per, if you buy more than two pairs). Sure, flip-flops are pretty standard in style and construction. Well, except for maybe those toxic Wal-Mart flip-flops. I trust that Old Navy will never disfigure me with chemical burns.

The Old Navy stores “nearest” to me are Augusta and South Portland– 36.5 and 36.7 miles away, respectively. (That’s what I get for living out in the middle of almost-nowhere.) Shipping from oldnavy.com is a flat rate of $7. I figured a 72+ mile round trip (in either direction) will cost me at least that much in gas, so I just ordered from the website. All things being equal, I score in terms of saving time and avoiding wear and tear on my car.

I bought four pairs, by the way– black, brown, “cerulean blue’ and “roasted eggplant”. I will be inexpensively color-coordinated with just about everything I wear.


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Filed under cheap fun, frugal, shopping

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