Adventures in home-grown veggies

How embarrassing to see that it’s been almost two years since I’ve updated this blog!

Well, at least I have something wonderful to show for my absence: a brand-new veggie garden! The landlady let us dig up the yard– my boyfriend’s parents came down about ten days ago with a roto-tiller. We made a garden plot about 12 feet by 20 feet, which is plenty big for our purposes. We’ve since planted both seeds and seedlings. We would have liked to have started everything from seeds, but we got off to a late start. Tomato and pepper seeds need to be started indoors a few months before transplanting.

Matt’s dad with the roto-tiller

The compost pile we’ve just started

Our version of “American Gothic”

The tomato plants

We planted tomatoes, green beans, carrots, red and green bell peppers, jalapenos and habaneros, and yellow squash. I expect to be making plenty of spaghetti sauce and salsa!  I plan to take a workshop in canning and preserving offered through the University of Maine Cooperative Extension (a great resource for learning about gardening).

I grew veggies in containers last year, and it was exciting and rewarding to harvest my own vegetables.

I can only imagine how great it will be when my new full-size garden starts producing veggies! I’ll keep posting updates, I promise.

Rows 1 & 2: tomatoes;

Row 3: green beans;

Row 4: carrots;

Row 5: red bell peppers;

Row 6: green bell peppers;

Row 7 left: jalapeno peppers;

Row 8 left: habanero peppers;

Row 7/8 right: yellow squash.


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2 responses to “Adventures in home-grown veggies

  1. Lily

    I thought red bell peppers and green bell peppers were the same plant but one was ripe.

    • Christine

      You’re right, they are. The seedlings were started earlier, so they’d be turning red right around the time the green ones were ready to pick. The seller at the farmer’s market timed them to sell as red peppers. 🙂

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